4 Tips To Fight Against Periodontal Disease

By February 15, 2018Updates

Gum disease can bring some unpleasant feelings and great discomfort. It can also affect your overall lifestyle, making it hard to enjoy everyday activities. Here are some tips that our Calgary Perio wants to share to help you combat gum disease.


Proper Flossing is Essential

Use floss that is long enough to accommodate each tooth. Make sure you slide the floss back and forth long enough so that the trapped food particles can be dislodged. Be diligent with your flossing habit. Being committed will greatly help with your fight against periodontal disease.


Glenda, one of our talented Registered Dental Hygienists, recommends gentle gum massages with your finger. You could apply some peppermint tonic oil, giving your mouth an instant refreshing makeover. 




Brush using the correct technique

Brushing your teeth should involve small circular motions. Moving your toothbrush in small circles ensures that plaque and food debris in between your gums and teeth can be dislodged. After you’ve brushed your teeth, do brush your tongue to eliminate the accumulation of bacteria. You can use your toothbrush or a tongue scraper to brush your tongue.

If your gums are sensitive and bleed while you are brushing, try to use a brush with softer bristles. Do not brush too hard as the pressure could be irritating your gums even more. If your gums are still sensitive and prone to bleeding, contact your local periodontist.


Experiencing severe tooth and gum sensitivity? Call our NW Periodontal Clinic Today!


Use an antiseptic mouthwash

Most mouthwash solutions contain fluoride, which help combat cavities. However, an antiseptic mouthwash has even more powerful properties. Antiseptic mouthwashes contain chlorhexidine gluconate, a chemical that can fight periodontal disease, canker sores, gum infections, and halitosis (bad breath).






Dr. Brar says, “Regular dental check-ups are very important. They give an opportunity to your dentist to examine your mouth thoroughly and detect any symptoms of periodontal disease or receding gums. Your dental hygienist is there to help with a deep cleaning of your mouth. Don’t miss your check-up or cleaning appointments. These can really help with early identification of dental issues and periodontal problems.”




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