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Talk about Dental Implants with your Calgary Periodontist

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Dental implants are the next best thing to your natural teeth. When implanted by a highly skilled dentist or implant specialist, dental implants can enhance your smile in terms of functionality and aesthetic. Our in-house specialists, Dr. Manhas and Dr. Brar, are not just periodontists and dental implant experts, who have helped hundreds of patients with their dental implant needs.

To find out if dental implants are right for you, talk to your Calgary Periodontist or call us at (403)288 3334.

Dental implants are in it for the long haul

When dental implants are properly and skillfully placed, your implants could last a lifetime. With proper care and some minor periodic adjustments, patients can enjoy their implants for decades. Dental implants stay in your mouth 24/7. Unlike dentures, you never have to soak them overnight. Overall, they are incredibly dependable, strong, and durable.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Brar or Dr. Manhas will determine your candidacy for dental implants. Dental implant eligibility depends on how healthy your gum tissue is. There should also be enough bone present to properly support the dental implants. It is important for us to have a frank dialogue with our patients, and your first visit is the perfect opportunity for us to address your concerns. Never hesitate to ask questions- we’re here to listen. 

Uplifting news!

Missing teeth often lead to the deterioration of your jawbone. Losing your jawbone can be detrimental for the support of your natural teeth, resulting in an undesirable change in appearance. Dental implants make it possible for you to retain the shape of your smile, thus creating a natural “facelift” look. Implants can drastically improve your aesthetic front, making you feel increasingly comfortable and confident.


Crowns, replacement teeth, and dental implants cannot be affected by cavities.  You can care for your dental implants as if they were your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing will keep your gum and dental implants strong and healthy.

Yes! You read this correctly! You do have to care for your implants like you normally would with your natural teeth. However, since dental implants cannot be impacted by cavities, you won’t have to worry about pain or soreness associated with dental caries.

Eat Well, Live longer

Implants do not impose restrictions on your diet. Steak, nuts, fresh veggies, and corn are not off limits! Dental implants can relieve excessive stress and pressure affecting your other teeth. The chewing process becomes easy and effortless.

In addition, your digestion will improve, thus reducing chances of you experiencing stomach or digestive problems.


High Success Rates

Armed with a proper treatment plan, excellent surgical protocol, and a highly-skilled dentist, you can anticipate 10-year success rates for dental implants in excess of 98%. To give you a better understanding of these incredibly high success rates, compare dental implants to traditional crowns and root canals whose 10-year success rates vary between 75% and 85%.

With a 10-year 98% success rate, this is a valuable investment that will enhance your facial appearance and your overall health. Dental implants are made of Titanium, a metal with great strength and which is biologically inert. Unlike other metals, Titanium won’t be rejected by the body. In the hands of an experienced specialist, the surgical implant procedure is relatively short, simple, and straightforward. When it comes to dental implant surgery, our Calgary Perio staff are highly trained experts with extensive experience. You’re in good hands!

Live, Laugh, Love…

Dental implants can significantly improve your lifestyle. There are no dietary restrictions, and hard textured foods are not off limits. You don’t need to avoid awkward yoga poses anymore! With your implants firmly in place, you can talk, smile, cough, and laugh without anything shifting or clicking. You will absolutely love how easy it is to enjoy all your favourite activities, and never have to worry about convenience or logistics.


To learn more about Dental Implants in Calgary, 


Our friendly staff will be happy to help you book your initial appointment with one of the top rated periodontists in the city.

 (403) 288 3334

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Calgary Perio Team

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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford

Margaret, Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Some claim that souls tend to go back to a place where they feel like home. It is fair to say that I stayed close to my roots and my childhood beginnings. In fact, I grew up in Brentwood Heights, about 4 blocks north of our clinic. At the time, our office used to be a riding academy and Dalhousie was a dairy farm. My second family, Calgary Perio, gives me an opportunity to still be part of this NW community that has so much heart and history.

Where can we expect to find you when you are not that the clinic?

You can expect to find me “glamping” in style with my Icelandic Sheepdogs! I am a big Saskatchewan Roughriders fan, and I also love to travel. This fall, I will be going on an exciting European escapade. Tune in to find out more about my Euro trip!

Lisa, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) / Clinic Coordinator 

Life at Calgary Perio is always interesting and engaging. I get to meet people from all walks of life, and I have learned so much from our patients. Two decades ago, I graduated from SAIT as a Registered Dental Assistant. In 2008, after I had my beautiful daughter, I chose to forgo my chair-side duties, but I do keep my dental assisting license current. I love spending time with my family and staying active is something we truly value.

What made you want to pursue a career in the dental industry?

As a child, I spent a lot of time in and out of my orthodontist’s office. I realized that dentists can have a tremendous impact not only on your dental health, but also on your emotional well-being. I am thankful and glad that I identified my passion at an early age.

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Alysha, Sterilization Assistant

In 2013, I attended the Columbia Dental Assisting program, and I am proud to be part of the Calgary Perio Family. My job can present some interesting challenges, but I really enjoy my role at the clinic. On weekends, I often go camping and fishing with my fiancé.

What is something your patients may not know about you?

Our patients might be surprised to find out that I have a multi-pet household that comprises of two dogs, Chase and Amigo, and two guinea pigs, Trixie and Brenda. Yes, we have been outnumbered, but life is so much more fun with them around!

Caroline, Administrator

With 10 years of combined experience in medical and dental administration, I use my expertise to make our patients feel comfortable and appreciated. I am incredibly proud to be a member of the Calgary Perio family, and I am grateful for all the new things I have learned at the clinic. During my spare time, I enjoy traveling with my husband. I also love sewing, and I never say no to a good novel!

How would your colleagues at Calgary Perio describe you?

I believe they would say that I am friendly and outgoing. I always do my best to be kind and supportive. When you work with such fantastic individuals, it isn’t that hard to be easygoing and accessible.

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Isabelle, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

Born and raised in Calgary, I eventually set sail to Cranbrook to complete my Dental Assistant Diploma at the College of the Rockies. I enjoy my work environment and value the time I get to spend with our lovely patients. When I am not at the clinic, it is important for me to visit with family and friends. I am a Flames and Stampeders fan and enjoy attending our home teams’ games. Go flames go!

What is your idea of a great holiday?

A cold drink in my hand, the soothing sounds of ocean water, and the warm sun on my skin; all these sound like my idea of a super vacation! I really do enjoy traveling to hot destinations. If I can’t travel south, my idea of a perfect getaway involves a hike in the mountains.

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Laurelyn, Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Born and raised in Calgary, I have been a hygienist since 1998. My work is something I am really passionate about. I am surrounded by smart and talented people who work really hard for our guests to feel appreciated. Time away from the clinic involves hiking trips in the mountains, reading, and cooking for my family and friends.

It has been 19 years since you’ve become an RDH. What have you learned along the way?

I have learned so much about others and about myself. In fact, I have gained a lot more in terms of respect, trust, and patience. I enjoy people and the diversity of it all. Yes, it has been 19 years, but I still love it!

Flora, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

I am a proud graduate of SAIT’s dental assisting program, and it is a pleasure to work for a clinic that is growing in the right direction. I work with really good people and our patients are truly amazing. When I am not busy working on my patients’ smiles, I am working hard to give ladies their dream eyelashes. I also enjoy spending quality time with my dogs, and often go hiking or kayaking.

How would you describe the working environment at Calgary Perio?

The clinic is home away from home. My co-workers are kind and supportive people. We care about one another and we get along well because our core values are aligned. The positive working environment makes it possible for everyone to feel supported and appreciated.


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