Regenerative Therapy with Emdogain

An innovative method has been developed to restore the supporting tooth bone lost due to the damage caused by periodontal disease or trauma. When teeth are developing in the jaw, the body produces proteins in the area of the developing root called Amelogenins.

These proteins are important in helping the formation of the supporting structures especially the bone anchored tooth ligaments.

Unfortunately the body stops producing these proteins after the teeth have formed.

Swedish researchers discovered that the protein produced by foetal pigs is biocompatible and would stimulate bone formation in periodontal defects when placed at the time of the periodontal surgical procedure.

The enamel proteins are dissolved in a gel, which is applied to the damaged root surface. The Gel also contains factors, which speed up healing process.

The following information describes the use of Emdogain technology and the healing of periodontal bony defects.


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Pictures courtesy of Biora