Oral Hygiene

An important part of controlling periodontal disease is the daily cleaning of the tooth gum margins. Since periodontal disease is caused by bacteria that are found in the mouth, they must be stopped from forming the bio-film plaque that will damage the tooth supporting structures.

Brushing and flossing are the basic oral hygiene techniques recommended for plaque removal around the tooth. Other oral hygiene aids such as rubber tips, toothpicks and oral irrigators may be recommended to help fine-tune the cleaning process.

Many of the new powered toothbrushes available make brushing much more efficient than hand brushing. The powered brush would be a worthwhile purchase if you do not seem to have time to brush properly or if arthritis affects your hands.

Plaque will reform over 24 hours so it is important to try to keep a regular schedule. Complete care once daily will keep those bad bugs in check. Bedtime is usually best for your thorough home care session. Pick a time and place for tooth cleaning that works for you. Our office staff will help design and customize an effective daily cleaning program for you. Often plaque removal is best done out of the bathroom – for example while reading or watching television.